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Nationwide Protests in Colombia: What’s Happening?

In this article we will tell you the reality of the protests that are currently taking place in Colombia, news that has traveled the world. Does violence return to Colombia? How is the situation in Medellin?
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Opportunities to do Business with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in Medellín

Medellín has become in recent times, as the best place to do business with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, in this article we will tell you how this business has grown steadily and the incredible opportunities that exist to come to invest and live in this place.
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Discover The Most Delicious Foods of The Paisa Gastronomy

The typical food of Medellín is a mixture of foods from the aboriginal, African and European culture, it has evolved over time resulting in an interesting combination of ingredients and flavors that will make your mouth water.
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Why Has Medellín Become a Paradise For Retirees?

Medellín has obtained a place of honor as the best place to retire in the world, thus according to the global index of the prestigious American media International Living Magazine of 2020.
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Opportunities to Generate Income and Live in Medellín as an Expatriate

In this article we will show several options that foreigners who want to come to live in Medellin, Colombia have to make money and enjoy quality of life..
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Expected Returns for Medellin Real Estate Investing

Medellin real estate investing offers attractive returns for savvy investors.  This article is...
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Crime & Quarantine: Effects of One of the World’s Most Stringent Lockdowns on Security in Medellín

Crime & Quarantine: Effects of One of the World's Strictest Lockdowns on Security in...
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15 Spanish Terms You Should Know To Deal in Colombian Real Estate

Hola, como le va?  a la orden! Que le vaya bien!  After just a few weeks in the city,...
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