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Colombian Investment Visa – A Guide from Start to Finish

In this article we will tell you the requirements and procedures that you must follow to obtain an Investor Visa in Colombia, whether you want to invest or reside temporarily or permanently.
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Medellín: An Important Destination for Medical Tourism

The city of Medellin not only has a robust and high-level network of providers in terms of technology, but it has also stood out for offering a medical service with a high level of professionalism and quality of care and, if that were not enough, the cost is considerably lower than other countries in the region.
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Gastos Notariales – Everything You Need to Know

When buying a home in Colombia you must know all the expenses that you must assume in the process.
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Medellín, Reopen: Antioquia’s Capital Seeks Return to Normalcy ​

The City of Medellin successfully advances in the vaccination process against COVID19, so the businessmen in alliance with the departmental government and the Mayor's Office refine the strategies to follow to encourage employment and productivity again.
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Nationwide Protests in Colombia: What’s Happening?

In this article we will tell you the reality of the protests that are currently taking place in Colombia, news that has traveled the world. Does violence return to Colombia? How is the situation in Medellin?
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Security in Medellín: Improvements over Time

The city of Medellin in Colombia shows significant progress in terms of citizen security and crime control. In this article, we will delve a little more about the achievements that have led to encouraging results and the additional challenges that the covid-19 pandemic has imposed.
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Opportunities to do Business with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in Medellín

Medellín has become in recent times, as the best place to do business with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, in this article we will tell you how this business has grown steadily and the incredible opportunities that exist to come to invest and live in this place.
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Rediscovering Medellin – A Look at Recent Data to Contextualize a Housing Market Boom

In this article we will show you interesting facts about why Medellin is today the cradle of development and innovation, there are many investment opportunities.
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