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Crime & Quarantine: Effects of One of the World’s Most Stringent Lockdowns on Security in Medellín

Crime & Quarantine: Effects of One of the World's Strictest Lockdowns on Security in...
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15 Spanish Terms You Should Know To Deal in Colombian Real Estate

Hola, como le va?  a la orden! Que le vaya bien!  After just a few weeks in the city,...
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Coronavirus and Medellín Real Estate

Coronavirus and the Medellín Real Estate Market The coronavirus pandemic has distressed economies...
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The Extremely Low Cost of Living in Medellín, Colombia

Grocery Breakdown: Comparing Cost of Living in Medellín with Canada and the United...
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What Has the Response Been? Evaluating the Colombian Government’s Handling of the Coronavirus Crisis

Duque addresses the nation in a "Alocucion Presidencial" (Presidential...
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Bogotá: A Visitor’s Guide to the Nation’s Capital

Colorful streets, beautiful architecture, wholesome Ajiaco, intriguing museums, coffee, lively...
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Medellin is strategically located within Colombia, it has a spring climate always

2020 The Ultimate Guide For Investing In Real Estate In Colombia

The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Real Estate in Colombia Medellín is the second-largest...
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Puebliar: The Best Towns to Visit for a Day Trip or Weekend Away

Taking a Look at Some of the Best Places in Antioquia Outside of Medellín Paisas enjoy...
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