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Top 10 Things To Do in Medellín with Kids

Family vacations in Medellin

Top 10 Things to do in Medellín with Kids

Are you planning a fun trip to Medellín with your kids? How exciting! No matter how old they are, traveling to new places with your children is a great way to bond with them and create memories they’ll treasure forever. However, finding activities your kids will enjoy in an unfamiliar city can be challenging. To help you, we compiled a list of the top 10 things to do in Medellín with kids. Whether you’re staying for a day or thinking of moving here, you’ll undoubtedly find something to fill your time. 

Travel to Medellin with Children
Medellín is an ideal place to visit with the family

Is Medellín Safe For Kids?

Yes, traveling with children is safe in Medellín. Those who recently traveled to this city with kids said they felt safe wherever they went, even at night. While Medellín had a bad reputation, it certainly cleaned up its act. In recent years, Medellín has become a much safer place to live in than it used to be. Today, Medellín is far safer than many US cities like Chicago and Baltimore. 

To help you cope with the worries that often occur when traveling to another country, see the following article about how to avoid anxiety when travelling abroad. 

Family vacations in Medellin
Medellin is a recommended choice for family vacations

#1: Vist the Barefoot Park

La Alpujarra, Medellín’s administrative center, is full of eye-catching structures that will catch the attention of all parents while children enjoy the area’s roomy plazas and playgrounds. The serene Parque de Los Pies Descalzos is the main attraction, with its sandpit and bamboo maze. The huge water fountain is best enjoyed when barefoot, as was intended, and it will never get old. If you decide to move to Medellín, this will probably be your kids’ favorite activity in the city.

Parque de los pies descalzos
Barefoot Park is a must-see place in Medellin to entertain children

#2: Visit the Museo Del Agua

On the surface, the concept of this museum doesn’t seem to inspire much excitement. However, if you go to the Museo del Agua, you’ll be surprised. It’s among the best things to do in Medellín with kids for a reason. The spectacular museum uses cutting-edge interactive exhibits on topics ranging from the Big Bang to everything related to water sports and conservation. There are no signs with English translations, so you’ll need to know at least some basic Spanish phrases.

The Water Museum is a great alternative

#3: Ride the MetroCable

When visiting Medellin, don’t overlook its robust public transportation infrastructure. It features exhilarating rides on the effective and cutting-edge Metrocable, which has a gondola design high above the hillside barrios. You and your children will adore the expansive 360-degree views of the city thanks to the roomy wrap-around windows. The most direct route is through the formerly dangerous Barrio Santo Domingo, which is has improved in safety terms recently.

The Metrocable trains and stations are secure, well-managed, and run with Swiss-clock accuracy. Unless you or your children fear heights, you’ll love this activity! You can make a day out of it and visit the landmarks of Santo Domingo.

The Metrocable has included popular areas
Medellin's Metrocable is one of the best transportation systems in the country

#4: Visit Comuna 13

In the past, Comuna 13 was among the most dangerous areas in Medellin. Today, it is full of art and color and a wonderful place to take your kids to! Consider getting a private tour to ensure your kids get the best experience. This will help keep the conversations around you PG-13 and also help you learn about the history and culture of this area.

Photo of concrete houses in Communa 13
Visiting Communa 13 is an absolute must when in Medellín.

#6: Explore Plaza Botero

One of the best places to explore in the Centro is La Plaza Botero. Numerous sculptures by renowned Colombian artist Fernando Botero can be found in this spacious plaza. There are lots of areas to move around, and kids will enjoy looking at these sturdy statues of various sizes and shapes.

Plaza botero to visit children
Plaza Botero is a unique place that you must visit

#7: Visit the Parque Explora

You can spend a whole day with your kids at Parque Explora. Its numerous interactive exhibits promise an exciting experience designed to teach about geography, biology, physics, and technology. The museum, which is among the best tourist attractions of Medellin, is housed in four futuristic red buildings. The top-notch aquarium upstairs contains enormous tanks where electric eels and enormous catfish swim. Another attraction is a life-size recreation of a dinosaur from the past. Children will enjoy climbing inside a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s enormous jaws.

At Parque Explora, fun and learning go hand in hand
Explora Park combines science, fun and technology

#8: Visit the Botanic Garden

While it’s not as exciting as Parque Explora, the Jardin Botánico de Medellín is still a great place to visit with your kids. It’s free to enter, and you can spend a delightful afternoon taking in all the sights. For many, the butterfly pavilion was the garden’s high point. While entering the gardens is free, you’ll need to pay for a ticket to this pavilion.

The Jardín Botánico is an excellent option to visit in Medellín
The Botanical Garden is an oasis in the city

#9: Explore the Parque Arvi

Taking the kids to Parque Arvi is a fantastic way to spend another day in Medellin. The park is conveniently close to the city and is simple to reach by public transit. Once you are there, the family will never run out of things to do. You’ll see the Parque Arvi Market, which has everything from food to souvenirs, as you get off the cable car. There are playgrounds and hiking paths, and you can rent bicycles to tour the park. One last thing you should be aware of is that, despite being free to attend, the park is typically closed on Mondays.

Parque arvi
Arvi Park is ideal to visit with children

#10: Take a Trip to Guatapé

A day trip to Guatapé is an absolute must if you’re visiting Medellín. Guatapé is a charming lakeside community located about two hours outside the metropolis.

Here, you can snap pictures of the colorfully painted home exteriors, then head to Plaza de Zocalos to see Colombia’s most lively town plaza. When you get hungry, you can easily find inexpensive street food like empanadas and churros or a fancy seafood restaurant to fill whatever craving you have.

In the end, the 740-step walk up El Peñol to get a breathtaking perspective of the islands and water below is the most well-liked activity in the area. You don’t want to miss it!

The rock of Guatape
If you’re looking for things to do in Medellin with your kids, it will be a shame not to visit Guatapé as well

Final Thoughts

Finding things to do in Medellín with kids might not seem easy at first glance, but the city is full of opportunities and fun activities for the whole family. A family trip there will make for memories that will last a lifetime.

If you want to learn more about the attractions Medellín has to offer on your next visit with your children, as well as discover the investment or living opportunities, get in touch with us today!

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