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Nightlife in Medellín, 2021 Edition

Rumba in Medellín

What happens in the City of Eternal Spring when the sun goes down? 

 The party begins and the capital of Antioquia becomes a vibrant and striking place for its insomniac nightlife.

When it comes to partying in Medellín, you will find that the city generally has an atmosphere of joy, latin flavor, and fun. There is a wide variety of establishments for all styles and budgets –  authentic bars, fabulous nightclubs, and magnificent terraces. 

Nice night photo of Medellin
Medellin is a city with a fascinating nightlife

If you are an expatriate and you come to Medellín, you will always find the type of environment you are looking for according to your rumba style.

In 2019, I wrote this article which described the party scene in Medellín then and how going out in Medellín may be different than where you are from. 

This article seeks to expand on that original article with places that are open and operational post-pandemic. It includes a list of 17 nightlife options that have all been confirmed to have survived the worst of the pandemic and are open as of December 2021.  

Parque Lleras Is Ideal For All Types of Recreational Activities

The famous Parque Lleras is located in the El Poblado sector, which is  a financial and commercial district with many entertainment alternatives. It is a favorite place for locals and visitors. Because it has a wide range of nightlife and gastronomic entertainment, it has become an almost obligatory meeting place for expatriates and locals.

Parque Lleras stands out for the number of bars, cafes, discos, hotels, restaurants, and nearby outdoor areas. It is ideal for meeting people, talking, or just walking around. 

In Medellín you will be able to meet very nice people in the city's nightclubs
Parque lleras is the main focal point of nightlife in Medellin. It is surrounded by dozens of bars and clubs

Some Quick Safety Tips

In general, Parque Lleras is a safe place, since it has a permanent police presence and many people. However, it is always advisable to avoid getting into trouble with “dar papaya” (don’t do things that would attract the attention of criminals).

Giving papaya is when we expose ourselves or are reckless. Sure, you can take out your phone and use it while you are out and about. But if you have it out the entire night, and then walk down a dark street with it – while wearing a lot of bling or a Rolex…well…you get the idea. 

Another tip is to avoid looking like the typical gringo tourist in shorts and sandals. Amongst my expat friends we’ve come to an agreement – shorts are okay with shoes, sandals are okay with pants, but both shorts and sandals at the same time is something a Colombian male would never wear and therefore just screams foreign visitor. 

We recommend that you dress in a way to attract less attention and keep a lower profile.  Also, avoid drinking excessively and falling into fights or street arguments. 

Guide To The Best Places To Go Out at Night in Medellín

1). Oye Bonita La 70:  This bar has a striking, colorful, caribbean decoration and a good atmosphere with varied crossover music. It is a pleasant place to enjoy and spend time with friends. On its terrace, there are outdoor tables. One of the best attractions of this place is that they perform concerts with guest artists and live DJs. In this place, the vallenato parties are epic and there are also promotions on the price of drinks and 2 x1 style cocktails. On Fridays, they have the band Oye Bonita, a live group that sings crossover music. When Mondays are holidays, Sundays are a beach-style party.

Teatro Victoria is a place where you can enjoy in the nights of Medellin
Oye Bonita is one of the best places to party in the vallenato style

Oye Bonita La 70, is located at Cra 70 # Circular 4-11, 05 Medellín. It is open from 03:00 p.m. to 04:00 a.m. from Monday to Saturday. More information:

Oye Bonita to enjoy in Medellin
A lot of fun guaranteed in the nights of Medellin

2) Dulce Jesús Mío: 

The style and decorations of this nightlife venue are unlike any that I’ve seen in any other part of the world. While I am not going to explain the design of the bathrooms, anyone who has been there before knows they are unforgettable. 

The bar itself has a very colorful decoration of an authentic Antioquia town, with multi-colored lights and all sorts of random things hanging from the roof. The music is varied with a mix of traditional Colombian music and reggaeton. They offer live performances of artists and characters to liven up the night. It will feel like Halloween when you go there as all of the workers dress up in elaborate costumes.  It is certainly a must-have site on your list to visit. 

There are two locations – one in Sabaneta at: Carrera 42 # 67a 151, Sabaneta Hours from Thursday to Saturday from 8:00 p.m. at 04:00 a.m. and another on Avenida Las Palmas. 

More information and reservations at:

Dulce Jesús Mio is a place to enjoy in Medellin
Dulce Jesus Mio is a very popular place in the nights of Medellin

3) Pub Rock: It is an almost obligatory stop for lovers of rock from the 80s and 90s. A typical bar with live rock music and tables near the stage. It will allow you to enjoy a more intimate evening full of memories and great rock hits. It stands out for its great sound quality and an atmosphere that will take you to other levels. Drink prices are affordable and good service. It is located in Parque Lleras: Carrera 37A # 8-12. Hours: Friday and Saturday from 05:00 to 04:00 a.m. For more information:

Rock in Medellin
Live bands and the best rock hits are a great attraction

4) Fonda Santa Guadalupe:  It is a picturesque place decorated in the best mexican style. It has karaoke, and crossover disco. They offer national and imported liquors, beers, cocktails, snacks, and much more. Being ideal for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or just meeting friends to have fun until dawn.

If you like Karaoke, you can feel like a star in Medellín.
If you like Karaoke you can have a great time in Medellín

It is located in the Centro Comercial Premium: L-3566, Entrada A La CL29 # 30-25, Medellín, Antioquia. Hours: Rumba Crossover from Sunday to Wednesday until 12:00 a.m. Thursday through Saturday until 4:00 a.m.

In Medellin you can meet friends everywhere
Fonda Santa Guadalupe is one of the favorite places to have fun

5) Querida Disco Club: It is a meeting point of the LGTBQ movement,  where you can meet to dance and spend the night enjoying yourself.

Rumba in Querida Medellín
There are several places open to the LGTB community in Medellín

Querida Disco Club it is located in the exclusive area of Parque El Poblado: Cl 10 ## 43B-61 of Medellín. The hours are from Monday to Thursday from 8:00 p.m. until 04:00 a.m.

In Querida you can dance until dawn
The night is long to enjoy dancing in Medellín

6) Os Mirador: It is a charming place to enjoy beautiful views of the city sharing with friends or acquaintances accompanied by a variety of national and imported drinks. As if that were not enough, you can enjoy good music and taste an exquisite menu.

Os Mirador in Medellín
The city has a wide range of places to go out at night

Os Mirador has a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy. It stands out for having multiple relaxation areas to comfortably admire the majestic view of the city. Additionally, it has a bar and a variety of food options. It is ideal for drinking, nibbling, chatting and having a good time until dawn. It is located at Km. 5 Vía Las Palmas. Hours: Tuesday to Thursday: 5pm to 1am. Friday and Saturday: 5pm to 3am. Sunday 4pm to 1 am

Os Mirador a place to party in Medellin
In Mirador Os you can have an incredible time in a more relaxed atmosphere

7) Los Patios Hostel: This place located in El Poblado;  Cra. 43E #11 – 40, Medellín, Antioquia will enchant you with its incredible atmosphere. Here you will find both Ziruma Tiki Bar and El Bar. Both terraces have an interesting decoration, one that has a tiki style and the other, a more cosmopolitan. Both offer comfortable spaces, beautiful views, attentive bar service and excellent cuisine.

Los Patios Hostel in Medellin
Los Patios Hostel has a very elegant and safe environment to relax a bit

Ziruma Tiki Bar specializes in delicious drinks for all audiences, Hawaiian-style exotic fruit cocktails and tropical music. On the other hand, El Bar serves craft beers, world-class cocktails and a musical environment with international sounds. Bar nights on the rooftops can also be the setting for big parties, DJ sessions, barbecues or evening events. If you like to party and have a fun time with friends in a safe and elegant place this is very appropriate.

Beautiful expats in Medellin
Los Patios Hostel has a nice offering for people looking to have fun in Medellín

8) Envy Rooftop: This famous establishment is located on the roof of the Hotel Charlee in Parque Lleras. It is the perfect place to watch the sunset and spend a beautiful evening. It offers a spectacular view of the city.  It consists of two levels. The lower one has a luxurious aquarium-style pool in the middle, which is really beautiful.  On the upper level you can sit on the bar stools to enjoy panoramic views of the terrace and the city.

Envy Rooftop in Medellin
In Medellin it is very popular to go to bars located in the hotel terraces. This picture shows Envy on top of the Hotel Charlee

At Envy Rooftop there are different themed nights.  For example, Wednesdays are salsa nights, while from Thursday to Saturday there are live DJs that put visitors to the place in motion.

There are several Rooftop-style venues in Medellin
The venues offer a variety of options for night owls

9) Panorama Rooftop Bar: This place offers much more than its motto “Good food and good drinks”. The menu includes creative food of Latin American fusion dishes. In the bar the proposals of delicious drinks, from sangria to cocktails of all flavors. The rooftop décor is a combination of dining tables, bar stools, and loungers. Perfect for a vibrant dinner party or a fun night to meet new people or celebrate with friends.

Panorama Rooftopbar is an incredible place in Medellin
Panorama is an ideal place to spend time with friends

Panorama has two locations in Medellín, one in the cozy Laureles area and the other in the most touristic area of Provenza in El Poblado. Both rooftops are characterized by being a green space with natural essence and a distinguished atmosphere, an oasis in the middle of the city.  Panorama Rooftop Bar is ideal to celebrate any occasion.  They also offer specialized catering service upon reservation. 

Gourmet Food in Medellin
The gastronomic offering of Medellin is extraordinary

10) Salón Amador: This place is for the electronic music lovers. You’ll hear a variety of genres such as dance, house, techno, trance, etc. It is ideal if you like to dance until dawn to the rhythm of hallucinating, mystical, emotional and sophisticated sounds. International guest DJ’s like Nicole Moudaber, Bart Skils, Nakadia, Coeus, among others.

DJS and crazy music in Medellin
In Salón Amador, you'll find the some of best DJs in the city

Salón Amador is located at Calle 10, # 40-30 in Parque El Poblado. This venue has a capacity of 350 people and is almost always in high demand. So it is recommended to reserve your ticket in advance, especially if a famous DJ is playing.  Weekly presales are made from COP 35,000 (Approximate $10) for the first 100 tickets. Then if you buy them on site the cost rises to as much as COP 145,000 (approximately $40). The schedule is from Wednesday to Saturday between 9:00 pm and 4:00 am. You can keep up to date with events, special guests and other activities through their social networks Instagram and Facebook.

Salón Amador, a recommended place for party nights
Electronic music venues are generally located around Parque Lleras

11) Vintrash Bar: In Vintrash, you can live their motto: “come, baila y goza” (eat, dance, and enjoy) This place offers a modern design concept and multiple environments focused on Latin, indie and electronic music. Every Tuesday is special at Vintrash with @gringo Tuesdays. It is a day to practice languages with foreigners and learn about new cultures. These finish with the crossover rumba, an authentic International Party. 

Vinstrash place to have fun in Medellin
In Medellín there are many places to meet people being an expatriate

Vintrash also has great food, which includes a great variety of dishes from the Paisa and international gastronomy.  Vintrash is located in the heart of Provenza, at: Carrera 35 # 8A-39, about 300 meters from Parque Lleras.

Vintrash offers fun to night party lovers
In Vintrash there are meetings for expats

12) La Oculta: If you are looking for a place with a good party atmosphere, La Oculta de Belisario is one of the best places to go. It is an ideal place if you want to enjoy music and dancing. It often offers different themes such as white dress code for the Edición Neon, Miercoles de Ocultazo so you can dance as if no one is watching. Thursdays for El Don Invita, Fridays and Saturdays, guest DJs always with excellent electronic and Latin music.

La Oculta is a recommended place to enjoy the paisa nightlife
La Oculta is a very popular place in Medellín
La Oculta has a very relaxed semi-formal dress code, which can be useful for travelers who do not have access to their full wardrobe at night. It opens its doors from Wednesday to Sunday in: Cra. 35 ## 7-114, near the famous Parque Lleras. Hours are from 9 pm to 4 am, with No Cover promotions before 10:00 pm. It offers all kinds of drinks: tequila, gin, rum, vodka, whiskey and champagne.
The DJ Music is present at La Oculta in Medellín
If you are looking to dance non-stop Medellín is fantastic

13) Club Diecinueve 92: It is a nightclub for lovers of vallenata, merengue, reggaeton and crossover music. The place has urban aesthetic elements from the 90s and also linguistic components that unite the people of Medellín. They frequently perform with the various famous vallenato singers such as the Binomio de Oro and singer-songwriters of regional music such as Chelo Ramírez, among others.

Fun is guaranteed at Club Diecinueve in Medellin.
Latin music is present every night in Medellin

Diecinueve 92 is located in Cra. 35 ## 8a – 38 de Provenza. It is a place that exalts the history and culture of the city of Medellín.  To book you can do it through their website https: //, and through Instagram to be aware of all the information of the parties, the guest groups, the cover and much more.

In Medellín you can attend live musical performances.
Vallenato is a type of musical that is very popular in Medellín

14) Teatro Victoria: It is a four-level complex whose architecture on the facade resembles the entrance to a Broadway-style theater. The place is innovative and interesting because it presents the public rooms like theater, although they are really discotheques in separate environments. In addition, legend has it that anyone who enters this space with the intention of enjoying and dancing will be trapped by Victoria’s spell. In Teatro Victoria, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the Super 8 nightclub. Known as the street where Victoria lived to the rhythm of Reggaeton. It stands out for its urban genre. Cien Fuegos, identified as Fiesta con Sabor a Caribe, dedicated to tropical music, and Flora or Roof Garden. This is a beautiful two-story restaurant with an outdoor terrace that will have a stage for musical and artistic presentations.

Teatro Victoria offers a variety of venues for dancing in one place
Victoria Theater is a classic of the Paisa night

In this way, Teatro Victoria provides an experience that is segmented by genre as well as restaurant, bar and nightlight. It is a captivating place for its visitors, as it combines good music, a beautiful atmosphere, security and comfort. It is located in Cra. 35  8a -73 de Provenza. It opens its doors from Thursday to Saturday from 9:00 pm to 4:00 am and Sundays prior to Monday holidays.

Teatro Victoria is a place where you can enjoy an authentic party in the nights of Medellin
In Teatro Victoria there is a wide range of nightclubs

15) Bolivar Breakfast Club: Bolívar is the place in Medellín that gives the most epic perreo (a slang Paisa word for partying). This place can enjoy the rhythm of popular reggaeton in an open patio with colorful decoration, multi-colored lights, dynamic screens, and a state-of-the-art sound system.

Breakfast in Bolivar is a good option for a night out in Medellin
In Bolívar you can dance to the rhythm of reggaeton

Bolívar has a very privileged location in Carrera 36 # 10-38 in the heart of the nightlife district next to Parque Lleras. It is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8:00 pm to 4:00 am. You can reserve your table via WhatsApp. Attendees should be aware of social networks such as Instagram @bolivarmedellin for any information about promotions, certain occasions such as Thursdays of no cover, Fridays and Saturdays of free entry for the first 50, and more. 

You can enjoy life at Perro Negro in Medellin
In Bolívar, music, dance and fun are guaranteed

16) Perro Negro:  This is a Latin-style nightclub, which has an impressive dance floor with a mixture of lights and a ceiling of rectangular figures that provide a unique, elegant and youthful atmosphere. It is very popular and is generally full from open to close.  The place has a no cover promotion on Thursdays and Sundays. On Fridays and Saturdays the cover is around COP 30,000 ($ 8 USD). DJ’s, bands and local reggaeton stars are frequently presented. 

Club Perro Negro in Medellín
Perro Negro offers a stylish and fun atmosphere

17) Gusto Night Club: It is a well-known nightclub located in Calle 9a # 38 of Parque Lleras. It is located on the third floor of a building directly overlooking the park.  It has a comfortable VIP areas to celebrate special occasions. It also offers a wide range of national and imported liquors and of course the DJ. They play music of the most popular rhythms: funk, dancehall, reggaeton, salsa, bachata, hip-hop, house, tech house.  At Gusto, for each season of the year such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Halloween or summer, themed parties are presented with impeccable allusive decorations, which always captivate attendees.

Gusto is a very popular nightclub in Medellin
In Medellin you can find a lot of fun in the discos

 The bartender’s show lights up the nights. The staff of Gusto is made up of specialists in sound, music, lighting, drinks. The staff are accustomed to treating foreigners as its location in Parque Lleras gives it a clientele that are often not Colombia. At Gusto the staff are friendly and capture the attention of locals and tourists. Thus, with renowned live DJs, very good sound, screens with audiovisual projection, lights, and space to dance. More info available at:

La Rumba seduces expatriates in Medellin
A refreshing Pola (beer) with friends is always welcome

Nightlife Alternative: Party Finca

If you want to take your party outside of the city, you can also rent a luxury finca. There is a wide variety of fincas in the towns surrounding the city.  With capacity for groups of 15 to 100 people, they usually have a green area, beautiful views, heated pools, jacuzzi, Wi-Fi connection, bar, international cuisine, gardens and paths surrounded by tropical flowers and beautifully colored birds. 

Beautiful country estate in Medellin
Renting a finca (country estate) to share with friends is an excellent option

The Finca El Diamante Hotel Boutique is one of the perfect places to receive your guests and celebrate the event of your dreams. It is great if you want to have a special occasion and share a unique experience with an intimate group of family or friends. You can surprise your guests with a helicopter flight 330 meters above the city of Medellín and live an adventure flying over more than 40 km of important sites of the city for 15 minutes.

You can hire a Helicopter ride in Medellin
Helicopter flights over the city are an amazing experience

In this type of celebration, the experience does not end at night, as many activities can be enjoyed the following day. Luxury finca rentals often include coffee tours, hiking, horseback riding, jeep rides among other activities.

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Something For Everyone in Medellín

As you can see from the list, there is no shortage of nightlife options in Medellín. This list is just a small sample of what is available and visitors to the city who wander around the different nightlife districts are sure to find many other great options. Be sure to keep in mind some of the safety tips at the start of this article and most of all – have fun out there. 

Have you visited one of these places? We would love to hear your experience – tell us about it here

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