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Medellín, An Icon of The International Fashion and Textile Industry

There are many textile factories in Medellin

Medellín, An Icon of The International Fashion and Textile Industry

For more than a century, Medellín has become a benchmark in the international industrial and fashion sector. Generating more than half of the national production of cotton, linen and synthetic fibers, with a value of more than two hundred million dollars, annually (approximately $ 250,000,000). Paisa textile production stands out especially for its excellent quality and affordable costs. So it is no coincidence that the city is a regional leader in terms of design and manufacture of all types of clothing. Currently the main export markets are the countries of the European Union, Canada, the United States, Central and South America. See this article with more interesting information about colombian textile exports: “Veinte textileras colombianas exportaron más de 300 millones de dólares en 2018”.

In the Aburrá Valley where Medellín is located, it concentrates more than 10,344 textile factories, generating thousands of direct and indirect jobs, making this industry one of the most important pillars of the Paisa economy. In this article we will tell you all about this vibrant area that has made Medellín an international icon.

A wide variety of textiles are produced in Medellín
The textile industry is one of the engines of the economy of the country.

Therefore, it is not by chance that since 1987, the so-called “La Semana de la Moda Colombiana” is held in Medellín. This event is better known by its Spanish moniker “Colombiamoda”. This is a prestigious event that brings together the best in the industry and has included the participation of important firms of world famous prestige – fashion designers such as Carolina Herrera, Oscar de La Renta, and many others. See more here.

Colombiamoda in Medellin
Medellin has become an important center of the textile and fashion industry

Origin of The Textile Industry in Medellín

Around the year 1890, the first modern textile factory in the Department of Antioquia was founded in the Rionegro area. It produced bedspreads, fabrics, hammocks and carpets. Later, others were opened in Bello and Medellín. Thus it began the process of economic transformation in the region and also the production of different fabrics. In 1907 the Coltejer Colombian Fabric Company (Coltejer) was born, the largest and most important in the country in terms of production and job creation.

The textile industry has been generating wealth and employment in Medellin for more than 100 years
The Coltejer company is one of the most important in Medellin

The Edificio Coltejer is an emblematic office skyscraper in Medellín, inaugurated in 1972, which has a height of 175 meters and 37 floors, being today one of the tallest in the whole country, its upper part simulates the shape of a needle knitting, honors the importance of the textile industry in the local economy. This building thus represents a “before and after” of the urban transformation that the city has had in the last 40 years.

Notice how this building, the tallest in Medellin is shaped as a needle? This is an emblematic reference to the industry and can be seen in every corner of the valley (just incase you forgot about this driving force of Medellin’s economy).

Coltejer Building is an Icon in Medellin
The Coltejer Building represents a before and after of Medellin

A World Famous Industry with Exporter Quality

The competitive advantages of the Medellín textile industry have crossed the borders of the region and the country. Medellín has gained worldwide fame for its export quality and competitive costs in relation to the international market. Therefore, production has diversified into the areas of design and manufacture of all types of clothing and footwear, as well as natural and synthetic fiber fabrics.

Colombian textile exports
Medellin is the leading exporter of textiles in the region

For several years with the Clúster Textil strategy, the Chamber of Commerce and companies in the sector with the support of the Mayor’s Office and the national government have promoted Colombian textile exports throughout the world. In addition, the country has signed free trade agreements, which further facilitates exports of the sector with more than 30 countries in Asia, America and Europe mainly.

Medellin is An International Fashion Capital

Medellín is considered the capital of fashion in Colombia. Since 1990, Fashion Week has been held in the city. This event is also called: “Colombiamoda” and is where the best clothing designers from around the world meet annually. As also Inexmoda to promote the commercial exchange of the clothing sector and Heim Textil for design and decoration indoor. Everything from haute couture garments, gala garments, urban, sports and casual clothing to footwear for men and women, leather goods and jewelry are presented at this fair.

Carolina Herrera present at Medellin fashion festival
The latest fashion trends meet in Medellin every year

After a forced break caused by the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020, the Semana de La Moda colombiana performed again in style and with great success from July 27 to 29, 2021 at the Centro de Convenciones Plaza Mayor de Medellín. Present were more than 500 national and international exhibitors, thus reactivating the powerful Paisa textile industry. The face-to-face events were held under strict health safety protocols.

Wearing of masks at Colombiamoda
Modern design mouth covers are a trend in 2021

Fashion Week attracts thousands of national and international visitors in each edition. Exhibiting the work of renowned designers and even emerging talents not only from Colombia but also from various parts of the world, at this party you can learn about the latest fashion trends. The catwalk shows are not lacking, in addition to the glamor and elegance of the models who participate in this great event. In 2021 prestigious brands bet on online outlets with special offers and discounts for people who choose this modality.

Shopping Tourism is an Interesting Option in Medellín

Medellín offers development and comfort to visitors and tourists. It is no coincidence that in recent years they have opened shopping centers and premium brand stores. Additionally it has a variety of restaurants for an international gastronomic experience to suit each person. These facilities, such as “El Tesoro”, “Oviedo”, “Premium Plaza” and “Santa Fe”, can also be used for large events. Don’t forget to visit them and learn about the multiple entertainment and shopping options in the city.

Discount stores in Medellín
Famous national and international brands have stores in Medellin

Exchanging the local currency, called the Colombian peso (COP) against other currencies such as the US dollar or the euro, is generally very convenient for foreign tourists. Therefore, you are sure to find good prices and high-quality clothes, for example, with a modest budget of $ 1,000-2,000, you will be able to compare here much more than elsewhere. In fact, some merchants from other countries buy their products in Medellín. Precisely because of how favorable the purchase of clothing, jewelry and footwear is. Some brands offer special discounts of up to 50% in the Outlets throughout the year. If you want to buy a larger quantity you can get additional discounts, do not hesitate to ask. So it is worth taking advantage of these options when coming to the city. Some of the most recommended are: “De Moda Oulet”, “Mayorca”, “Guayabal”, “Antiguo Molino” among others.

Medellín is a good place for shopping tourism
Shopping for clothing is a great option in Medellin

Excellent Quality and Low Prices in Medellín

The textile and fashion industry is one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy in Medellín. Therefore, the commercial offer is excellent and the prices are very reasonable for visitors from abroad, it is that this fascinating city has everything you need to live an incredible experience, making it an ideal destination if you are looking for entertainment and shopping without spending so much money.

If you want to know more about Medellín, leave me your information or contact me at: (+) 57-317 523-3469 and we will give you the best advice for free.

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