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INTERVIEW: Learn to Speak Spanish from Day One in Colombia Spanish

Colombia Spanish is a Spanish school specializing in expats

INTERVIEW: Learn to Speak Spanish from Day One in Colombia Spanish


Learning Spanish in a practical and fast way is imperative if you come to a Latin country like Colombia, since most of the people are not bilingual here, and therefore you will need an acceptable level of Spanish to survive.

Recently, in the beautiful city of Medellín, Colombia Spanish opened its doors. It is a Spanish school that offers personalized classes to foreigners in the exclusive area of El Poblado.  For this reason Leonardo Rodríguez CEO and founder of Colombia Spanish visits us today, where he will tell us about the advantages of learning Spanish with the programs offered by this academy.

Colombia Spanish is a Spanish school specializing in expats
Learning Colombian Spanish can be very easy and entertaining with Colombia Spanish

A Spanish School that has Evolved Over Time

The origins of Colombia Spanish date back to 2016 in the city of Bogotá, when a group of young education professionals began offering private classes to the growing market of expatriates arriving in Colombia.  In 2019, after several years of experience in the sector and having worked in prestigious universities, the project to improve the teaching of Spanish to expatriates with a current and practical curriculum was born.

Facilities that can be used by Colombia Spanish students
Colombia Spanish opened its doors in the month of April in the city of Medellin

Leonardo, tell us, how is the Colombia Spanish team of teachers made up? How has the experience of teaching Spanish to foreigners as a second language been?:

Colombia Spanish is a Spanish school created and directed by teachers with extensive experience in teaching this language to foreigners. Our teachers also have academic certificates as a foreign language (DELE).  We love to be able to transmit the rich Latin culture to our students, so we frequently carry out activities such as: exchanges, group dynamics, tours, pedagogical outings, among others.  Additionally, we encourage students to master Spanish naturally.

The reception has been incredible, not only in Colombia, but also abroad through virtual classes.  We have had the opportunity to teach students from different parts of the world. They come to the country with an optimal level of Spanish, which fills us with enthusiasm and encourages them to keep going.

Colombia Spanish is a Spanish school for foreigners founded in Medellin
The school with native teachers with extensive experience with foreigners

What is the teaching methodology that Colombia Spanish has when teaching Spanish to foreigners?:

Each Spanish class has a communicative objective; a task to do. Our methodology focuses on each student practicing what they learn on a daily basis and thus developing the necessary skills to communicate at the different levels of Spanish that exist. It is very important to note that, although there are no miraculous methods to learn Spanish without effort, the results will depend on the commitment and motivation of the students.

In our school we design study plans according to the needs, availability and level of each student.  We establish a joint work plan, teacher and student, to help them successfully achieve the objectives. They might have specific purposes such as: DELE, business , travel or others.  Therefore, the only thing that should not be lacking in the class is the motivation to learn.

Spanish classes in El Poblado area
Colombia Spanish has modern facilities for students

What kind of people can participate in the Spanish classes? What are the study modalities currently available?:


All people who want to learn Spanish as a second language can participate in our study programs. We have had students of all ages, sectors and levels –  so there is no age limit. We have group and private classes, in person and online and adapted to each student.

Whatsapp image at pm
Learning Spanish with virtual classes is an option in times of pandemic

How long does it take to achieve a good level of optimal Spanish conversation? What do these results depend on?:

Obtaining a conversational level of Spanish advancing, as in any other language, will depend on some factors, such as: the type of learning chosen, the regularity of the classes, the commitment and dedication of the student. However, we could say that in a period of 6-8 months after receiving regular Spanish classes, in general anyone can achieve a high enough conversational level. 

Whatsapp image at pm
The methodology of the Colombia Spanish courses is practical and fun

What should a person do if they want to take Spanish classes at their school? Do you give applicants a placement test? How can you apply to enroll in these study programs?:

Studying Spanish with Colombia Spanish is very simple. You can take a placement-level test if you already know the language a little.  If not, you start from scratch, so we create bases for future learning adapted to your level and objectives.
People interested in learning Spanish can register directly from our website:  or communicate through the following channels: Contact phone: (+) 57-323-504-2150. Email: 


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