Discover The Most Delicious Foods of The Paisa Gastronomy - Medellin Advisor

Discover The Most Delicious Foods of The Paisa Gastronomy

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Discover The Most Delicious Foods of The Paisa Gastronomy

One of the most irresistible pleasures that nationals and foreigners who come to Medellín love to enjoy is being able to try the delicious dishes of typical Paisa food. These dishes include indigenous ingredients from the Antioquia region and from the colonial era where the miscegenation between the native aborigines, the slaves brought from Africa and the Spanish conquerors took place, resulting in a rich gastronomy that has evolved over time, gaining recognition inside and outside of the country.

In Medellin you will find all kinds of restaurants

Paisa Gastronomy Has Had an Amazing Evolution

Foods such as corn, cassava and beans of indigenous origin coexist with rice, wheat and sausages brought from Europe and Asia, likewise the banana and watermelon of African origin have been assimilated as important parts of local’s diet. The Department of Antioquia is the most important nucleus of the customs and gastronomic identity of the country.

If you are a tourist and you come to Medellín, you should know that there is a wide range of dishes to taste, and a lot of typical family restaurants and even gourmet and haute cuisine restaurants, so we assure you that you will be more than satisfied when trying these delicacies. Paisa food is so varied that you can enjoy all flavors and satisfy the most demanding tastes and appetites.

You won’t resist the charms of this cuisine.

The mixture of ingredients is a feature of Paisa gastronomy.

La Bandeja Paisa is the Most Famous Dish from Medellin Around the World

It is the best representation of the typical Paisa food, its popularity has conquered spaces beyond the borders of the city and the country. In this dish you can find a variety of ingredients and a true festival of flavors, with up to 15 ingredients in unison, its composition can vary depending on the town where you are or the origin of the cook. However, beans, rice, ground meat, avocado, fried egg, antioqueño chorizo and plantain or patacón cannot be absent, being an important source of carbohydrates and proteins, which formerly provided enough energy for the workers from the area to sustain long hours of work, so when you come to Medellín do not hesitate to try it and you will surely want to repeat this delicious culinary experience.

The Bandeja Paisa is impossible to ignore

El Mondongo is a Soup full of Energy

In this dish, the Spanish influence is present in Antioquian gastronomy. El Mondongo is an exquisite stew or long-cooked soup, made with the belly of a cow, which is also accompanied by pork and chicken, as well as vegetables such as potatoes, cassava, carrots, onions and other condiments. It is ideal as a lunch if you are feeling tired and even for breakfast after a night out drinking. It can literally “revive” the body and spirit and give a special flavor to your palate. El Mondongo can be eaten with a little lemon juice and hot spices, being a comforting dish, with a very intense flavor and aroma, you should try it if you come to Medellín.

El Mondongo is a food option full of flavor and vitamins.

El Calentado Paisa is a Practical and Economical Solution

This menu essentially takes advantage of the food scraps from the previous day, making it an inexpensive and practical solution that will allow you to enjoy a nutritious and succulent breakfast. El Calentado Paisa is a meal that adapts to any pantry, but in general it usually includes rice, arepas, beans, meat, as well as a little tomato, egg, cheese and it can be accompanied by a cold drink of chocolate or Sugarcane lemonade very popular in Colombia and what the Paisas often call agua de panela.

Nutritious, quick and inexpensive.

Empanadas Paisas are a Delicious Sandwich for any Occasion


Las Empanadas Paisas are ideal for days out in the city. If you want to leave the house early, they are an excellent option for breakfast, if maybe your idea is to take a long walk through the streets of Medellín, they’re also great as lunch or as a snack between meals. They’re delicious, quick to eat and you can get them from a small store in any neighborhood of the city or from a 5-star restaurant. Las Empanadas are prepared with wheat or corn flour, forming a dough that is spread in a circular way, they are filled with different ingredients such as meat with potatoes, chicken, cheese or pork rinds, folded in a half moon and fried in vegetable oil. Enjoyed best when accompanied with a wide variety of avocado, garlic, tomato or spicy sauces. The flavor-party is irresistible.

Empanadas Paisas are unmissable for tourists.

Typical Paisa Food to Enjoy on Special Occasions

Because of its old Hispanic colonial history Colombia and therefore the Department of Antioquia, to which Medellín belongs, preserves many of the religious traditions of the Catholic Church, one of the most representative is Christmas, that is why the city dresses in its best lights everywhere and joy and music invade the streets and shopping centers of the region during this time of the year. Of course, the abundance of food is almost a rule in every home in Medellín, so if you are lucky enough to spend this special moment in the city, you will be undoubtedly seduced by the festive atmosphere and, sure, the delicious food, which is a special part of any meeting you attend during your stay in Medellin.

Eating with friends and family is tradition in Medellín.

Buñuelos Antioqueños: You won't be able to eat JUST one

 Los Buñuelos are made with cheese and cornmeal, although it may seem they are a sweet sandwich, on the contrary, the cheese provides an intense salty flavor, which makes them the perfect accompaniment to a delicious cup of coffee or hot chocolate. The characteristic that attracts diners is its interior fluffiness and its freshness on the outside and due to its small size and rich flavor, you cannot stop eating them. We dare you to try just one!

Buñuelos are an excellent appetizer

Sancocho and Tamal Antioqueño a Perfect Combination for a Strong Meal

This combination of dishes is very frequent in Medellín at Christmas or New Year’s time, being an essential part of the region’s gastronomy, a good Sancocho and Tamal are not lacking in Paisas tables, nor in the menus of the best restaurants in the city.

In Medellín, it is common to meet with family and friends to savor the traditional Sancocho and if they invite you to a Paisa home during your stay, it is rude not to eat everything. Locals say this dish has healing properties, one of them is it kills hangovers and flu illnesses, among other benefits.

Sancocho is a Creole chicken-based broth, to which green plantains, yucca, potatoes, corncobs, coriander, onion and parsley are added, all very well chopped and cooked ingredients.

Eating Sancocho is ideal to strengthen health

El Tamal Antioqueño, is a rolled corn flour cooked in banana leaves, which usually carries pork, beef and chicken, in some areas of the Department they include rice, eggs and various spices. Each family usually puts a special touch on it and adds an ingredient according to the taste of each cook. The Paisas tend to jealously guard the recipes for this dish and only pass it on from generation to generation among their families.

The Tamal is a typical dish of the Christmas season

La Natilla is the Most Traditional Dessert in the Whole Country


In any traditional celebration in Antioquia, La Natilla is not lacking and if it is accompanied by some fritters, well much better then. This delicious dessert is to everyone’s liking, it is made with cornstarch, milk, cinnamon, grated panela, butter and grated cheese; many also add grated coconut or raisins. There are many varieties of custard and it will all be a matter of taste and the cook’s selection.

La Natilla is a sweet temptation that you won't be able to resist

Arequipe from Colombia is Addictive

Although it is not a product of local origin, the dulce de leche, also known as delicacy or Arequipe, made in Colombia and specifically from Medellín, has obtained the place of honor for its quality and good taste. Medellín exports every  year large quantities of this dessert to the world. Arequipe is a product of the mixture of milk, sugar and vanilla and it’s used as a spread and very frequently in pastries and ice cream.

The Arequipe Paisa is one of the best in the world

You will know what this phrase means: "¿Quiere un tintico, mijo?"


Not naming the coffee from the Antioquia region as part of the Paisa gastronomy would be sacrilege. Coffee is almost a national drink, and it is an important part of the Antioquia culture. For many years the economy of this region depended solely on the harvest and export of coffee, although today this dependence has decreased. However, enjoying delicious local coffee will never go out of style.

Have a drink of the authentic Paisa coffee

If you are a Coffee Fan you Must Visit Emblematic Places


A very popular place in the city is the Coffee Laboratory, which is a modern space that promotes the consumption of organic coffee of superior quality. In this place you will be able to observe the roasting of the coffee. They offer a variety of options from the different Municipalities, products of Antioquia and the so-called Coffee Axis. It is very interesting to know the history that revolves around the coffee culture, as well as the rigorous process of planting, harvesting and preparation.

All Colombian coffee in one place.

An Important Culinary Recognition with a Paisa Accent

Colombia recently obtained an important recognition from the international organization Word Travel Awards, standing out as: “South America’s Best Culinary Destination of 2020”. They evaluated typical dishes from various regions of the country, such as: “El Ajiaco from the Andean zone, La Bandeja and Sancocho Paisa”, and the results proved why Medellín is one of the Colombian cities with higher gastronomic diversity, being a must for lovers of good food.

You can check the award for yourself at:

Colombia, South America's Best Culinary Destination


If you are a lover of good food and want to know delicious options to eat in Medellín. Leave me a comment below or send me a message by WhatsApp at the phone number: (+) 57-317-523-3469 and we will give you the best tips and recommendations for you to live a unique gastronomic experience in your life.

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