10 Romantic Places To Go On A Date In Medellín, Colombia

10 Great Places To Go On A Date In Medellín

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Whether you are new to Medellin or recently new to the dating scene, the process of picking the right venue for a date in the city can feel quite daunting. Taking everything into account, including the location, affordability, the surrounding and, (most importantly caballeros) the preferences of your date may leave you feeling confused and lost.

But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

To make it a bit easier for you to arrive at a decision, we have compiled this list of 10 great places to go on a date in Medellin, Colombia where you can take your date and lay the foundation for a great night together – the rest is up to you. 

1) Pergamino

If you want to keep the date casual and fun and enjoy a great selection of coffee drinks, visit Pergamino. Known for its high-quality coffee, this cafe is one of the cool places to go on a date and enjoy amazing Colombian coffee along with some delicious pastries.

Pergamino’s relaxed atomsphere and nice interior decorations lends itself to being a great spot for a casual first date.

The simple and warm woody interior decor makes you feel truly comfortable. There’s also an outdoor seating area, a great option if you want to enjoy the weather. The service is top notch, and as a bonus, you can also get some invaluable coffee lessons from the well-trained baristas. The Provenza area is also a nice place to take a stroll around together after if the date goes well.

2) Delirio Exquisito

To enjoy an exciting culinary experience in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, take your date to Delirio Exquisito. Their menu consists of a wide variety of delectable dishes from Mexican and Oriental cuisine.


The lighting, the simple decor, and the pleasant atmosphere add to the charm of this restaurant. The restaurant also has a bar with a good selection of beverages, so don’t forget to try some exquisite cocktails.

3) Blue

If your date is up for some drinking and dancing, and especially if they are into Rock music, head to Blue. This bar is located near Parque Lleras, an area known for its lively nightlife options. Blue primarily features classic rock and alternative music. It’s one of the great places to go on a date in Medellin to enjoy a night of dancing or just jamming out. 

They play the music very, very loud at Blue. This could be interesting in a dating context because: 

  • If there is a slight language barrier and you can’t understand spoken Spanish well, yet are trying, Blue will be awful because listening will be much more difficult. 
  • If there is an very large language barrier, and you won’t be able to understand each other anyway, the high music volume will make attempted conversation seem futile and you can focus on dancing or just staring at each other…

4) El Acontista

In the mood for some jazz? El Acontista is the place to be. The food, the drinks, and the ambiance are amazing, plus the place hosts live Jazz music on Mondays. The laid back interior makes for a cozy atmosphere to enjoy a good conversation with your date.

5) OCI.Mde

OCI.Mde’s enticing food, delicious cocktails, warm and inviting ambiance prove to be a great recipe for a memorable dinner date. Make sure you get a reservation in advance and don’t forget to try the short ribs, it’s one of their specialties.

Medellin has a wide range of restaurants
OCI.mde is located in the Provenza part of El Poblado, a few blocks up the hill from Parque Lleras.

6) Jardín Botánico

Going to a park for a date can be a great idea, and Medellín has plenty of impressive parks. One of the most popular green spaces in the city is Jardín Botánico.

Jardin Botanico is a great spot if you’d like to take a stroll around with your date, instead of being seated the entire time.

It provides a serene atmosphere; perfect for a day of relaxation and engaging conversation, away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. This park also contains a few restaurants and cafes, so you can conveniently grab a bite when you start feeling hungry from all the walking.

7) Cafe Zorba

If your date is a pizza lover, take them to Cafe Zorba, which is known for its specialty vegetarian pizzas. This cozy cafe is a great place to have a fun time with your date, trying different varieties of pizzas and enjoying some delicious beverages. While the pizza is considered among the best in the city, the cool ambience and great service are other reasons to give this place a try for your next date.

After having enjoyed his establishment for years, I recently met the owner of Café Zorba, a super friendly New Zeleander named Tom.

8) El Café de Otraparte

Located behind the Casa Museo Otraparte, El Café de Otraparte is an excellent choice to have an amusing conversation over some tasty sandwiches and coffee. With its quaint outdoor setting and peaceful atmosphere, this cafe is a one of the great places to go on a date and enjoy a beautiful evening.

9) Son Havana

A great way to spice up your date night is trying new activities together, something that you wouldn’t usually do. If your date is interested in some salsa dancing, head to Son Havana near La 70. With an exciting ambiance and amazing music, Son Havana is the perfect choice for an exhilarating date.

Located close to la 70, Son Havana is always considered among the top salsa bars in the city.

10) Carmen

Undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Medellín, you can’t ever go wrong with Carmen. If you want to splurge and have a first class dining experience, visit Carmen in El Poblado. The ambiance is beautiful, and so is the presentation of the food. Due to their sterling reputation, (if your date is a local, they’ll almost certainly know it) they can afford to charge the highest prices for food that I have seen in the city. 

If money is no object, take your date to Carmen, the fanciest restaurant in the city.

The city of eternal spring offers many more such entertainment options that you can explore. Start off with some from this list, and tell us about your favorite places to go on a date in the comments section.

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