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Reforma a la salud
Daily life
Pacho Viloria

All About the Health Care System – Gustavo Petro’s Reform

The reform of the Colombian health care system proposed by the government of Gustavo Petro. It is an issue that divides the country and generates an intense debate between the defenders of the current system and those who want a change in the rules of the game. In this article we will make a deep analysis of the current health situation, in order to understand at the end: What are the achievements and challenges of health in this country?

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Daily life
David Mauricio Eliasson

Foreigners Guide to Romance with Paisas

One of the most popular topics in expat groups is meeting local people and dating girls. The topic can be controversial because of the many scopolamine scams on the one hand and gringos who come looking for prostitution on the other. In this article we want to give recommendations to have real relationships and avoid any risk or disappointment.

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Reforma Tributaria Colombia 2022
David Mauricio Eliasson

How will Colombia’s Reforma Tributaria Affect us in 2023?

On January 1, 2023, Law #2277 of December 13, 2022, also known as “Gustavo Petro’s Tax Reform”, comes into force, being a fulfilled promise of his electoral campaign. With this, the Government expects to charge more taxes to the richest social classes and businessmen, in order to cover public spending and redistribute part of the Gross Domestic Product. This has caused some fear in the national and foreign population with interests in this country, so we will analyze in detail what are the most important changes that Colombia will have in 2023.

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